Tom offers 1-on-1 lessons at his homestudio in the heart of berlin or through skype, covering everything from guitar-techniques and theory to songwriting, composition, music production and mixing.
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"Tom is not only an amazing one of a kind musician, he's an awesome human being. Somehow he always makes me see the brighter side and gives me perspective. Forever grateful. If guitar doesn't work out, he's always got a career in psychotherapy."

- Christopher Johnson

"I want to start off by saying, getting a one on one lesson with one of my guitar heros was a dream come true, Not only was he informative he showed me a lot of techniques (on fretless guitar) and gave me helpful advice. I recommend any one wanting to improve on guitar to defiantly seek out the one and only Tom "Fountainhead" Geldschläger."

- Christopher Soriano

"Tom is a awesome teacher! I feel as though i got exactly what i was looking for, and then some. The topics discussed were relayed clearly and not once did the lesson feel stale."

- Daniel Bacskocky


Tom is available for masterclasses & guitar clinics all over the world.
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Upcoming guitar masterclasses:
Jan 14th Mumbai, india
Jan 15th Bangalore, india
Jan 16th Pune, india
Jan 17th Guwahati, india


Tom has been producing, mixing & mastering not only his own projects and releases for the past 10 years, but also commercially for other artists (see discography).
He's worked on everything from pop to death metal to jazz to electronic music in a multitude of studios all over the world and has developed strategies and approaches to bring out the your own unique voice and identity, regardless of genre.
The current rate for mixing & mastering is 250 EUR for one song. If it¥s an album-project, we are usually able to offer deals


"Working together with Tom enables you as an artist to realise both your musical vision and your overall spiritual imagination: Being not only fully equipped with the technical know how of every kind of musical or stylistic production imaginable, Tom, being a phenomenal musician himself, is always capable to charm that particular mèlange of awareness, sensibility, modes of clear communication and above all professionalism that is necessary to reach nothing else but your artistic goals."

- Guido Nerger (The Astronauts Return, Fux & Has)

"Working with Tom was a great pleasure and a unique experience. He has an outstanding understanding of music and always improves the result with great ideas. I think that the result speaks for itself. I am looking forward to our next production with Tom."

- Ben Kettner (Requital, Liquid Fire)

I had the pleasure of working with Tom on a project that needed a fresh mind and a pair of keen ears, that together with Tom´s ceativity and technical skills made the mix sound great ! hope we can work again in the future.

- Andy La Rocque


Besides working with bands and as a solo artist on a regular basis, Tom has appeared on a variety of projects, releases and tours as a session-player, ranging from all styles of metal to pop, hip-hop, funk or electronica. For any kind of project, Tom is able to provide electric, acoustic or fretless guitar tracks of any kind and the more exotic flavor of the arabic oud.
However, what he's most known for is his abillity to provide extraordinary guitar solos on both fretted & fretless guitars to any kind of recording project.