Tom to appear on The Fractured Dimension album 3

Tom has recorded guest guitar tracks for 2 songs off the upcoming third album by US prog-metal band "The Fractured Dimension", called "On The Precipise Of Many Infinities". There is also a crowdfunding campaign for the album, where you can pre-order your copy and get a first impression of the music.

The album line-up is:

Jimmy Pitts – Keys, Piano, Theremin, Seaboard Jerry Twyford – Fretted & Fretless Bass, Hannes Grossmann – Drums Vishal J Singh – Rhythm, Clean, & Lead Guitars, Programming Peter Generous – Percussion Joe Deninzon – Violin Phyllis Rutter – Atmospheric Vocals

Lead Guitars: Jeremy Barnes Bill Bruce Marcel Coenenn Tom Fountainhead Geldschläger Mark Hawkins Ron Jarzombek Tom Kopytoo Jason Sadites Carl August Tidemann Phil Tougas Danny Tunker