Music Production & Mixing


Tom has been producing, mixing & mastering not only his own projects and releases for the past 10 years, but is also offering his services commercially to anybody else (see discography). He's worked on everything from pop to death metal to jazz to electronic music in a multitude of studios and situations all over the world and has developed strategies and approaches to bring out your own unique sound and identity, regardless of genre.

Rates for music production very much depend on the nature of the project, so don´t hesitate to get in touch by sending an email to and we will get back to you about details and schedule.
Also visit Prices for more details.
Please be aware that there usually is a waiting list for upcoming projects, so get in touch as early as you can in order to navigate the scheduling in a way that will work for everybody!


"Being a music producer can mean different things, depending on the situation. On some projects, it means being extremely involved in the writing, arranging, recording and engineering of the music. Sometimes it´s a matter of managing logistics, expectations, making sure everybody is on time and in top shape. It can mean everything from being "the fifth beatle" to shutting the hell up and making sure the band is able to do their thing without interference and compromise. That´s why it´s so important to establish good communication at the beginning and figuring out what exactly the artist needs on any given individual project"


"Perhaps my most valuable skill in the studio is the experience and trained ear that I´ve gained from literally mixing hundreds of songs over the years, in more genres than I can count. Not only am I at the top of my game as a mixer and am constantly looking for ways to get even better, but I can now bring this unique perspective into my work as a producer or guitar player because even before recording a part, I´ll know instinctively how it needs to sit in the mix and what needs to be done to get there. And quite honestly, while I started mixing early on in my career out of sheer necessity, I quickly discovered that it actually is one of my absolute favorite things to do: I love constructing mixes that feel huge, with the goal being that you should be able to "get" the music on first listen, but that you´ll also discover new details and layers every time you come back. I want my mixes to sound as big as possible, larger than life, as rich in details as in emotional impact on the listener"


"Working together with Tom enables you as an artist to realise both your musical vision and your overall spiritual imagination: Being not only fully equipped with the technical know how of every kind of musical or stylistic production imaginable, Tom, being a phenomenal musician himself, is always capable to charm that particular mèlange of awareness, sensibility, modes of clear communication and above all professionalism that is necessary to reach nothing else but your artistic goals."

"Working with Tom was a great pleasure and a unique experience. He has an outstanding understanding of music and always improves the result with great ideas. I think that the result speaks for itself. I am looking forward to our next production with Tom."

"I had the pleasure of working with Tom on a project that needed a fresh mind and a pair of keen ears, that together with Tom´s ceativity and technical skills made the mix sound great ! hope we can work again in the future."