Fretted & Fretless Guitarist


Besides working with bands and as a solo artist on a regular basis, Tom has appeared on a variety of projects, album releases and tours as a session-player, ranging from all styles of metal to pop, hiphop, funk or electronica. For any kind of project, Tom is able to provide electric, acoustic or fretless guitar tracks of any kind. He is also able to contribute the more exotic flavor of the arabic oud. However, what he's most known for is his abillity to provide extraordinary guitar solos on both fretted & fretless guitars to any kind of recording project.

Tom with a white Fountainhead Soultool Tom with a black Fountainhead Soultool Fountainhead logo


Anybody can aquire Fountainhead guitar tracks for their recording project, which Tom will record in his own studio in Berlin . We garantue the resulting tracks to be one hundret percent mix ready and of professional audio quality. There's flexible rates for guitar tracks, depending on the length of the parts and nature of the material. Just get in touch through to talk about details and get an estimate. Visit prices for more information.

Signature products

Fountainhead signature fretted & fretless guitars

Tom's signature guitars are build by Soultool Customized Guitars from switzerland.

Fretted version specs:
Fretless Version specs:

Fountainhead signature picks

Winspear Instrumental offers the Fountainhead signature picks. Tom says "I'm extremely excited to be working with Winspear to present you the Fountainhead signature guitar pick. Winspear have created the perfect pick for me, which combines tone, durability, extreme grip and a design to die for into one deathly package."

Fountainhead signature pick-ups

GoodTone created the Fountainhead signature 7 string pickups as a modernised and more extreme version of the legendary Dimarzio Air Norton (for the neck position) and Tone Zone (for the bridge position) pick-ups, retaining the characteristics of the original while amping up the output and agression of the Tone Zone and rich, cut-through-the-mix mid-range of the Air Norton.